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Selection of Italian meats cheeses olives crostini15.00

Crab cakes duo aioli mixed greens 12.00
Steamed prince edward island mussels white wine chili flake butter garlic 12.00
Bruschetta tomato basil capers garlic 8.75
Bruschetta duo olive pesto herb goat cheese 8.75
Stuffed mushrooms roasted garlic puree mother sauce  9.50
Arancini risotto balls stuffed mozzarella mother sauce 8.75


Beets micro greens cucumber walnut vinaigrette gorgonzola 10.50
Caesar romaine hearts parmigiano reggiano crostini 10.25
Greco local revol greens feta tomato cucumber onion kalamata olives red wine vinaigrette 10.25
Add chicken breast to any salad 5.00
Add anchovy to any salad 2.00


Veal pork meatball mother sauce parmesan herbs 4.50
Crispy skin on fries with roasted red pepper aioli 7.00
Roasted asparagus wrapped prosciutto balsamic reduction 12.00
Small salad romaine cucumber tomato creamy basil dressing 6.00
Small spaghetti mother sauce parmesan 9.00


Zeppole “doughnuts” caramel sauce cinnamon whipped cream 9.00


Neapolitan roasted roma tomato sauce fresh mozzarella basil 15.00
Veggie lovers red pepper onion mushrooms fennel fresh mozzarella red sauce 17.50
Chicken basil pesto roasted garlic roasted red peppers feta cheese 17.50
Meat lovers fennel sausage veal meatballs pepporoni red sauce fresh mozzarella 17.50
Four cheese fontina goat cheese mozzarella parmesan kalamata olives 17.50
Fennel sausage fennel tomato herb goat cheese fresh mozzarella 17.50
Pepperoni red sauce mozzarella 17.50


Spaghetti veal meatballs mother sauce parmesan 18.50
Bucatini all’amatriciana house pancetta tomato chili flake grana padano 18.50
Maltagliati chicken breasts mascarpone cheese roasted garlic white wine 20.00
Linguini puttanesca prince edward island mussels tomato caper olive 19.00
Gnocchi foraged mushroom sage sweet corn goat cheese 20.00
Substitute gluten free corn fusilli noodles 3.00
Add veal meatball to any pasta 4.00


Alaskan halibut sweet corn risotto roasted cherry tomato basil pesto 27.00