Roasted brussel sprouts crispy prosciutto 8.75
White bean sun dried tomato pesto 8.75
Tomato basil capers garlic 8.75
Olive pesto herb goat cheese 8.75
Sample of all four bruschetta 11.00


Marinated mediterranean olives olive oil herbs 7.50
Tomato basil soup grana padano fennel 7.00
Stuffed mushrooms roasted garlic puree mother sauce 9.50


Beets hazelnuts parmigiano reggiano vinaigrette of roasted mushroom caramelized onion 10.50
Caesar gem lettuce parmigiano reggiano crostini 10.25
Arugula olives oranges shredded fennel balsamic vinaigrette 9.00
Add chicken breast to any salad 5.00
Add anchovy to any salad 2.00


Veal pork meatball mother sauce parmesan herbs 4.50
Crispy skin on fries with aioli 7.00
Milk braised brussel sprouts turmeric 9.75
Small salad romaine cucumber tomato creamy basil dressing 6.00
Small spaghetti mother sauce parmesan 9.00


Veggie lovers red pepper onion mushrooms fennel mozzarella red sauce 14.50
Meat lovers pepperoni prosciutto sausage meatball chicken mozzarella red sauce 14.50
Four cheese mozzarella goat feta parmesan kalamata olive 14.50
Molinari pepperoni red sauce mozzarella 14.50
Fennel sausage roasted fennel tomato herb goat mozzarella 14.50


Spaghetti mother sauce meatballs 17.50
Bucatini all’amatriciana pancetta tomato chili flake grana padano 18.00
Maltagliati roasted chicken breast roasted garlic cloves feta cream 20.00
Linguine alla puttanesca brown shrimp mother sauce 20.00
Gnocchi butternut squash puree brown butter sage 20.00
Substitute gluten free corn fusilli noodles 3.00
Add veal meatball to any pasta 4.00


Chicken piccata capers lemon garlic white wine brown butter sage cauliflower 19.00
Pistachio crusted canadian salmon milk braised brussel sprouts caper raisin sauce 25.00
Walnut crusted pork tenderloin porcini cream root vegetables 22.00


Semifreddo “semi frozen” pistachio custard hot chocolate sauce 8.00
Zeppole “doughnuts” caramel sauce cinnamon whipped cream 9.00
Chocolate oblivion tart ganache hazelnuts creme anglaise 10.00