Tomato basil 8.75
Zucchini caponata 8.75
White bean salad roasted red pepper pesto 8.75
Duo olive pestos herb goat cheese 8.75
Sample of all four bruschetta 11.00


Soup of the moment 7.00
Marinated mediterranean olives 6.50
Sicilian stuffed mushrooms walnut roasted garlic mother sauce 9.50 
Red Table mortadella La Quercia salami toscano prosciutto mediterranean olives cheeses 12.00


Caesar romaine hearts parmigiano reggiano crostini 9.25
Beets gorgonzola cucumber baby greens pistachio vinaigrette 9.50
Mixed greens goat cheese fennel pistachio roasted grapes balsamic vinaigrette 9.50
Add chicken breast to any salad 5.00
Add anchovy to any salad 2.00


Meatball with mother sauce 3.50
Crispy skin on fries with aioli 6.00
Sauteed spinach sesame seeds 5.50
Side salad romaine cucumber tomato creamy basil dressing 5.00
Small pasta of choice mother sauce parmesan herbs 9.00


Neapolitan tomato sauce fresh basil house mozzarella 12.50
Fennel sausage tomato herb goat cheese house mozzarella 14.00


Spaghetti mother sauce house made veal meatballs 17.00
Bucatini al amatriciana pancetta tomato chili flake pecorino romano 17.00
Gnocchi fennel sausage house mozzarella basil mother sauce 16.00
Maltagliati roasted chicken breast garlic cloves mascarpone 19.00
Substitute gluten free corn fusilli noodles 3.00
Add veal meatball to any pasta 3.50


Hazelnut crusted pork tenderloin root vegetable duo reductions 19.00
Chicken picatta zucchini capers lemon white wine butter 19.00
Seared salmon spinach risotto smoked tomato brodo 20.00
Teres major steak sun dried tomato pesto spinach crispy fries 18.00