Al Vento Restaurant

The Food of the South is the Soul of Italy

We also offer happy hour Monday-Friday! Enjoy half price select bottles of wine, $8 specialty cocktails, $5 draft pints, $2 off appetizers, $3 off pizzas and a meatball for $3.50


Prosciutto mozzarella tomato basil 8.75
Cannellini bean crispy salami 8.75
Mushroom pesto 8.75
Duo olive pesto herb goat cheese 8.75
Sample of all four bruschetta 11.00


Tuscan egg drop soup broccoli 6.50
Baked cerignola olives orange zest thyme garlic 6.50
Sicilian stuffed mushrooms walnut roasted garlic mother sauce 9.50
Crab stuffed mushrooms saffron aioli 12.00
Steamed mussels white wine garlic red bell pepper 10.00


Caesar romaine hearts grana padano parmesan crostini 9.25
Arugula blood orange balsamic vinaigrette castelventrano olive 8.75
Red beets gorgonzola cucumber toasted walnut tarragon vinaigrette
Add chicken to any salad 5.00


Neapolitan tomato sauce fresh basil house house mozzarella 12.50
Fennel sausage tomato herb goat cheese house mozzarella 14.00
Potato fuji apple red onions gorgonzola house mozzarella 14.00
Salami tomato red onion pecorino toscano house mozzarella 14.00


Bucatini all amatriciana pancetta tomato chili flake 16.50
Spaghetti mother sauce house made veal meatballs 16.50
Ravioli roasted mushroom ricotta parmesan roasted garlic cream
Fusilli artichoke kalamata olives feta roasted red peppers 17.50
Lasagna lamb bolognese braised beef ricotta fresh mozzarella 19.00
Fettuccine gulf shrimp tomato arugula pesto 20.00
Substitute gluten free noodles 3.00


Seared salmon herb salad preserved lemon potato puree piccata sauce 22.00
Pistachio crusted pork tenderloin medallions duo reductions winter vegetables 18.00
Vegetable risotto parsnip brussel sprouts black truffle 20.00

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